Bio of Laird I. Hariu, Managing Partner

Laird has many years of experience with Linux and even more experience in business. He has worked with computer technology for more than 35 years. He has designed and implemented hardware and networking systems. He has designed, programmed and implemented operating system and application software. Laird has practiced scientific computing, business computing, data networking and voice telephony. Judging from what Laird has done, you can infer that he is a well rounded generalist with an open mind to new opportunities in computing. He knows how to improvise and learns while breaking new ground. At the same time he knows when to be cautious by testing results in simulated and real environments, like the carpenter who measures twice before making the cut. Laird has brought large projects to fruition and knows from a common sense view how to manage them. Laird likes to see steady progress in technology and in business relationships. He has the resources to devote to these ends and expects profitable results for all parties. He will be an honest broker even when it hurts in the short run. Laird believes that computing technology belongs to humanity and all should benefit from its advances. He does not wish to get rich quickly but merely to earn an honest living, provide for his family and do interesting work.

Download Laird's Technical Resume.