Best Content Management System - Drupal

Drupal is a content management system (CMS) or web content publishing system. It is designed to allow content to easily entered and formatted for presentation on a web site. Drupal  is popular with non-profit organizations because it has many community building features. For example, the website is written in Drupal. Drupal is ideally suited for web presentation of rapidly changing information like newspaper or magazine content. Drupal allows workflows to be setup and has a fine grained permissions system so that publishing tasks can be delegated to different groups.

Drupal is a large PHP program that in our case runs on the Apache2 web server which in turn runs on Linux. Drupal can run on other platforms but this LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) platform is the most popular. Drupal stores all content in a backend database. Drupal is a mature project in it's 7th major release. Drupal 7 has many security features built in and an active community that provides security updates on a continuous basis.

Drupal has many optional features that are implemented as modules that can be "plugged" into the web site at will. There is a large community supporting this open source project that maintains these modules. All the activities of the Drupal project are extensively chronicled at the web site. Of course this site is written in Drupal.