Welcome To IVAR Systems, LLC

Hello. I'm Laird Hariu.

IVAR Systems, LLC is a professional partnership dedicated to building IT infrastructure with free and open source technology.

I will take the time necessary to provide thoughtful advice. I will take the time necessary to be careful with your data. I will take the time to create relationships that are lasting and productive. I can afford to behave in a low key way because we don't have quotas to beat or market share to defend. Because free and open source software (FOSS) belongs to you already, we don't have to use the hard sell. Some FOSS is very high quality and exceedingly useful. Some is not. My role is to guide you to the quality and assist you in its application. We aim not to obfuscate or perpetuate closed systems of thought, but aim to be open in our dealings and open in our thinking. The computer revolution still has a long time to play out. There are still plenty of exciting things happening. IVAR Systems intends to have some fun along the way.

IVAR Systems operates in northeast United States